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About Us

The Brush Bib and Pacifier Teether Clip

Our designs reflect neutral colors for moms and dads. It’s easy to use, durable, easy to clean and small enough to hide away when cleaning The kitchen. The Brush Bib is a Protective Silicone Barrier that goes around the Bottle brushes to prevent the “dreaded Splash Back!!”

The Pacifier Teether Clip is FDA Approved, BPA Free and Eco Friendly. It grows with baby to toddlerhood on 4 levels, Doubles as a Teether, Made of 100% Silicone to reduce bacteria and Thrush! It also has the Option to change the Suspender Clips!!! How Awesome!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to be confident while shopping with us. If you have questions about us, our products, or even shipping, get in touch! We hope you continue to shop with us for many years to come.

Our Goal is Happiness

It can be tough Dealing with the day in and day out of being new parents all over again or for the first time. We aim to try to alleviate some frustration by creating unique products that make Parenting a bit Easier!!